Getting Started with API

To run these examples, you will need a valid access to hive platform. The tool used for our examples below to run API queries will be Postman.


For the authentication, you can use one of the two authentication methods below:

1. API KEY : by filling the header X-App-Token with a valid API KEY from hive platform.

2. Hive Token : by filling a JWT token in the Cookie header with the key : financeactive.hive.token

Ids : You will need also to have the account ID you are using on Hive and the organization ID. These information can be found in the browser requests when you log into hive platform.

Usecase 1 : Retrieving transactions from an organization

In this example, we will list all transaction from an account, for a given organization.

In Postman, we will use the request for retrieving transactions. The response will send all transactions and their characteristics for this organization.

Usecase 2 : Getting cashflows for a transaction

In this example, we will use the API call for getting cashflows for a transaction.

In Postman, we will use the request for retrieving cashflows. Use a transaction "object_id" from answer of usecase 1.